• FCMS is 20!

    1994 wasn’t that long ago, was it! Many things have happened over the last 20 years, including royal weddings, Harry Potter, and Google! (That’s right; there was a time before Google, scary stuff!) But most important of all have been the 20 successful years of FCMS.

    An occasion of this magnitude obviously warranted an appropriate celebration; we had a fantastic evening at the FCMS 20th Anniversary Ball, which included brilliant company, stunning showgirls, the outstanding NHS Voices choir, and lots of fantastic food and drink, some of which was consumed in more interesting ways than others! I’ll leave it at that! I think everybody would agree it was the most fitting way possible to celebrate, with special thanks to Julia Marmo for making it all happen.

    Let’s hope the next 20 years are just as much fun…

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