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  • Suzy Layton

    Chief Executive Officer

    I’m Suzy, I’m not into titles in particular, I would be happy with just Suzy, but if you had to define me I’m the CEO.

    I see my role as ensuring the culture of our organisation stays strong, focused and funky while we grow in size and depth. We need to stay people centred with our staff, our patients and callers at the core of everything that we do

    I have been with the organisation since 1997 and have worked through almost every back of house role going – I have been CEO for about 10 years.

    My responsibilities include ensuring everyone is as happy and healthy in their work as possible, strategic direction and ensuring that the money balances.

    I also liaise with other partners, work closely with the finance team, lead by example and set expectations and aspirations high.

    Interesting Fact: I kept my maiden name as a middle name as I was so attached to it!

  • Julia Marmo

    PA to the Chief Executive

    I started work for FCMS on 5 August 2013; I had been lying in wait ready to pounce the moment Suzy Layton decided that she could do with her own ‘right hand lady’.

    I provide executive support to Suzy, our Board of Directors and the Senior Management Team.

    No one day is the same which is what makes the job so attractive and satisfying. Life here is wonderful!

    Interesting Fact: I am a Japanophile, having lived in Tokyo during my 20s and early 30s. Japan is like no other place on earth!

  • Lee McGylnn

    Director of Organisational Growth and Innovation

    I left my role in the NHS in 2004 to start PDS Medical, since then it’s gone from strength to strength.

    I am now the Director for Organisational Growth and Innovation for FCMS and PDS Medical. I love challenging the status Quo and asking “why?”.

    My days are filled with service design, tender writing, meeting new partner organisations and identifying areas for growth or coming up with ideas to make services better!

    Interesting Fact: I love the outdoor life, from Mountain biking to hill walking, climbing to kayaking…

  • Steve Barrow

    Director of Finance

    I joined FCMS and PDS in October 2015 as Director of Finance having spent the best part of the previous twenty years at Victrex plc, a manufacturing company based in Thornton Cleveleys.

    In the finance team we get to support and work with all areas of the business providing a whole range of activities from the processing of financial transactions, financial performance reporting and financial support for both day to day decision making and future business development. We also play an important role in ensuring compliance with various laws and regulations in our day to day activities.

    Interesting fact: Keen golfer and lover of the Lake District !

  • Sarah Hart

    Human Resource Manager

    My role encompasses the journey of someone from starting with our fabulous company and supporting them through anything that could be people and employee related whilst employed.

    I care very much about our team and am always striving to make things better with a hug, a chat or some really deep but rewarding conversations.

    Started in July 2009 when we had 75 employees, wow we certainly are growing!

    People are definitely my reason for being at FCMS!

    Interesting Fact: I am studying to become an NLP practitioner, this is for personal pleasure but also helps me in my role too

  • Amanda Ardron

    Head of Planned Care

    Joined PDS Medical in May 2008 as Operations Manager, my main responsibility was to manage and oversee the day to day running of the organisation.

    In May 2015 I took on a new role of Head of Planned Care.

    My main responsibility is to continue to strengthen relationships with current stakeholders and also focus on new potential opportunities outside the organisation.

    Interesting Fact: Sylvester Stallone bought me half a lager and lime!!!

  • Alison Arrowsmith

    Diagnostics Operational Service Lead

    I’ve been working at PDS Medical as Operational Service Lead since April 2015.

    My role at PDS includes operational management, monitoring patient satisfaction surveys, CQC registered manager, implementing operational and clinical governance, coordinating an administrative team.

    Before I started to working at PDS I worked for the Dental Services as Operational Lead. I have worked with FCMS since Jan 2009 and started part time as a call taker/receptionist.

    Interesting Fact: My husband has inspired me to start running. He has completed 3 Marathons in the last 2 years which includes the London Marathon. I am currently in training to run my first 10k race in Scotland. My aim is to hopefully do a few more 10k then to complete a half marathon ( that’s if I survive Scotlands 10k)

  • Sharon Rourke

    Head of Urgent Care

    I started with FCMS in January 2015 and progressed to Head of Urgent Care in April 2015. My background as a NHS commissioner of services from dentistry, public health, primary care and for the last 8 years urgent care meant I had a good grounding for this role. I had also previously worked front line managing emergency dental clinics.

    I am also a qualified further education teacher and spent 4 years teaching at two local colleges, I still have a passion for education.

    As Head of Urgent Care I oversee the services with the Deputy Head, between us we have a wealth of knowledge, experience, skills and vigour.

    We have an amazing team of service leads, who all bring their knowledge and experience.

    Our excellent lies within our combination of all our parts. We are only as good as our team and our team has the most committed, dedicated experiences people in it.

    My day can vary between strategic and operational tasks, which makes it interesting and pushes the boundaries.

    I consider myself most fortunate to be part of this organisation and team, I feel my role is to serve those around me be that a team member, a colleague, or a patient.

    I believe in the concept of servant leadership, and I am passionate about patient care, and looking after my team.

    Interesting Fact: I am a Francophile, I love France, the culture, the food, the life, the people. The French music not so much!

  • Gill Crane

    Deputy Head of Urgent Care

    I commenced work with FCMS in June 2011 after leaving an extensive career at the Acute Trust as both Senior Nurse in A&E and Directorate Manager. I also had experience in Acute Medicine (Directorate Manger), Orthopaedics (Matron) and Head Nurse for the Cardiac Division.

    I As the Deputy Head of Urgent Care I contribute to FCMS providing strong strategic and operational management , I also support the Head of Urgent care in the delivery of Urgent care services across UCC Blackpool , SDHC Fleetwood , Rossendale Minor Injury Unit and Morecambe SDHC . In conjunction with the Clinical Governance Directors I develop and lead the Clinical Governance framework and have responsibility for ensuring we meet the essential requirements for compliance with the CQC standards to deliver safe effective responsive caring and well led services. I am also the CQC Registered manager for OOH and Urgent Care and also a Specialist Advisor to the CQC.

    I lead and chair the Clinical Governance group and also ensure robust arrangements are in place for the Clinical audit group supported by the audit team . I am member of the Trust Emergency Planning Child Health and Mental Health groups ensuring that FCMS retain collaborative working and contribute to service delivery across all providers. I also attend the SRG board again representing FCMS in the Health economy.

    Interesting fact: I am a Grandma so spare time is filled with enjoying my two beautiful grandchildren.

  • Mandy McLean

    Morecambe Same Day Health Centre Operational Service Lead

    I started with Coastal Health Care (now PDS Medical Ltd) in November 2013 as Operational lead for Same Day Health Centre in Morecambe. I became the CQC Registered Manager for the service in July 2015.
    My main responsibility is to ensure that at the centre is safe, efficient and effective service for both patients and staff.

    My role includes managing the team, creating rota’s, ensuring that we are meeting our monthly  Key Performance Indicators, attending internal and external meetings, attending contract meetings, implementing and reviewing standard operating procedures, taking part in the winter telephone conferences and constantly looking how our service can help and integrate within the bigger health economy.

    Amongst all the above I have taken part in mobilising new services that we have won.

    Interesting Fact: I used to be a fairly good gymnast, I’m a bit more rotund now, however can still pull off a few moves…

  • Marilyn Fisher

    Operational Lead Rossendale MInor Injuries Unit

    Rossendale Minor Injury unit was born on 1st April 2012. I was a founder member of the team employed as a receptionist. Coastal Health Care (now PDS) took us over in July 2014..

    I was promoted to Service Lead in February 2017 – under the banner of ‘Growing Our Own’

    I ensure that both the public and staff are in a safe environment ,the unit running as effectively and efficiently as possible, offering patients the best possible care .

    My role includes looking after the needs of my team to ensure a work/life balance and supporting them whenever I can. Creating and managing rotas, attending meetings , implementing changes to effectively improve our systems. Producing reports on a monthly basis .

    Fact: I love spending time at my home in Heysham by the sea, with my youngest daughter and grandchildren – and of course , winning at bingo LOL – nothing better

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